Monday, August 16, 2010


No, we aren't talking about naps for infants or toddlers or preschoolers today.

We are talking about naps for me. I am solely writing this blog today to keep from falling asleep at work. Afternoon naps are so lovely, I do not understand why they are not a regular part of our life. Picture it - you get up in the morning, shower, dress, eat and go to work. You get off at noon, eat lunch, go for a walk. Then you hit the sack. At 3, you are expected back at work for two hours. Imagine how productive those hours would be! You'd likely get more accomplished with a lucid mind after a great nap than you even could with sloggy afternoon brain.

That is the one huge thing I am looking forward to in the Spring. Afternoon naps. My four year old would love to take naps again. And the baby will just have to get with the program. 1pm to 3pm will be designated mommy nap time.

I feel like I just ate three helpings of turkey dinner. Being pregnant is hard on the sleep patterns. I ate my lunch, which I barely have room for in this enlarging belly of mine, and now I feel so drowsy my eyes are threatening to shut as I type. If you want to call having to delete and retry each word typing. It's a good thing I am not a surgeon.

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