Thursday, August 18, 2011

Waiting for an exam to start is the most boring thing

My computer is ready. I've read over my notes. I have water. My sitter is here and briefed. There is 11 minutes before the exam starts. I'm bored.

This is it though!! Final exam and then almost three weeks of freedom before I start 4 new classes. (I know I just said freedom, and I know you are rolling your eyes because really, how much freedom does a person really have when they have a baby, a five year old, a big dog and her niece on weekdays... but it lightens my load a little for three weeks so it can still be considered partial freedom.) And trust me - I have packed those three weeks! We are going to Magic Mountain on Sunday, camping next weekend, I have tones of cleaning and organizing to do, and I have to get myself ready for university, my daughter ready for grade primary, and my son and dog ready to be without me for a couple of hours four days a week! But I am not behind on the prep work - I just counted and I have 73 juice boxes, a diaper box full of granola bars, and another filled with pudding and fruit cups. We wont have to buy lunch snacks until after Christmas!

6 minutes to go... I did get a lot done today; laundry folded, dishes done, vacuuming, bathrooms cleaned, and even did my own pedicure! I was a bundle of nervous energy, I had to focus on something!

I know I am rambling, I know it is nothing interesting, but I just have to keep my fingers busy while I wait... 4 minutes... I should log off here and get my screen open. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do not disturb

Here's the scenario: you are at home, the baby is in bed, and you are reading your daughter a bedtime story. The door bell rings. The dog goes nuts. The baby wakes up. You go to the door. It's someone looking for money.
This happened last night at 8:30. Now I live in a busy residential neighborhood filled with young families. I'm sure I am not alone in thinking that anything after 7 pm is too late for soliciting of any kind. Now in this case it was a charity organization. It seems to happen a lot lately, people soliciting, to the point that I am considering a sign. I
Is that a deterrence still? Maybe I'll put a sign out saying I am broke, or I don't carry cash. I never give at the door anyways, unless it is Girl Guide cookies (especially the chocolate covered mint ones - yum!). And I really don't carry cash so it really is a waste of their time to ring my doorbell. Maybe a sign is in my future. "Don't bother, this old hag won't give you a cent."