Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Marriage and babies

My daughter and I were getting ready for work/sitters in the morning yesterday and I was telling her that we were going to visit her aunt, uncle and cousin in the evening because they were in town (they live in another province). She stops brushing her teeth, leans over to spit, and says "Mommy, why are Uncle * and Aunt * not married, but they have {cousin}?

Now, I never intentionally gave Hailey the impression that first comes love, then come marriage, then comes baby, but now that I think about our talks on the matter, we always tell her "when you grow up, getting married and have a baby." We never say "have a baby and get married". It's always in the order that our parents and grandparents prefered to stick to.

I had to bite my tongue and tell Hailey that this is not always the order in which these things happen. I didn't expect such a question, since although I've never come out and said "Daddy and I got pregnant before we were married" we have pointed out that she is "looking through my belly button" at our wedding.

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