Friday, January 28, 2011

He's Here!

It's been hard to find a time that I have two free hands for typing, but I finally am here to announce Nathan's arrival. He came on December 31st, just as planned, and was a healthy 8 lbs 2 oz. During the day he is a wonderful baby, sleeping a lot, eating on schedule, and being generally adorable. At night however, he becomes a fussy, hungry, wide eyed baby who wants to be constantly held and rocked. So, that sleep I was seeking last month? Still not here. But he is lovely and I love him dearly.

Hailey has been having a bit of a time adjusting to life with a sibling. I expected her to dislike him or resent him for the attention he gets that she craves. But she adores him, always wanting to snuggle with him, talk to him, sing to him, and stare at him. It's me that is on the receiving end of her wrath. She tells me I don't like her or that I am mean to her because I can't play with her or because I can't get her whatever toy or snack she is seeking. She struggles with being in a different room than me, or worse, on a different level of our three level house. She is getting better, after a couple of huge breakdowns, and with me learning to be more organized so I can carve out time to play with her one on one. I've also been encouraging her in her solo play, trying to stretch the time that she will stay in her room playing alone.

All in all, we are both trying to make the big adjustment that comes with a new, helpless little baby. I am still getting some help from some wonderful people in the way of sleepovers for Hailey and some housework help for me, because after surgery there are many things I can't take care of myself (although I've been cheating a lot). And the poor dog is getting the short end of the stick - I can't walk him so he's been a little mopey lately. But in a couple of more weeks I will be cleared for walking and exercise and eager to shed the last ten pounds that didn't disappear instantly with the rest, and Bentley and I will be walking buddies again.