Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh Ranitidine - will you marry me?

Wonder drug. Ranitidine. I swear it.

I talked to my OB yesterday about all the aches and pains and nausea and sleeplessness (basically, I reiterated every whine I wrote the other day...) and she has so many lovely suggestions that have made my life better in just over 24 hours, but none as wonderful as Ranitidine. I told you about the heartburn, it was terrorizing me, keeping me up at night, making me nauseous and achy. I was popping 8 and 9 tums a day (the bottle says 2 max...) and I wasn't getting much in the way of relief. But BAM - one Ranitidine and I have the best sleep I've had in weeks, and today I am more energized, happier and less achy.

Why oh why didn't I say something sooner???

Speaking of my OB visit, I got some lovely news that has cheered me up quite a bit. As you know we elected to have a repeat cesarean section on New Years Eve. You also know that it was not an easy decision for us, but rather the lesser evil. One of the less pleasant parts of my first cesarean, performed in a hurry at the George Dumont hospital in Moncton, was that I got a glimpse of Hailey  before my husband was summoned  to take her to be weighed and measured. I didn't see them again for about an hour, while I was stitched and taken to recovery. I learned yesterday that at the IWK, the baby and the support person stays with the mom the entire time in the OR, travels with her to the recovery room, and only then are the scales brought in to record the babies size and weight. I am happy to report that I was told that things are much less traumatic, much more easy going and precise. So while I am still not looking forward to the spinal and the recovery, I am getting more and more excited to meet my new baby boy.

See you soon Nathan!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Message from Santa

There is a great little site that you can send a message to your kids from Santa - it's super cute.

Here is Hailey's video:

And here is the link to send them to your loved ones!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sleep - my elusive friend

An Ode to my missing sleep...
How I miss you oh rest
With your sweet tranquil dreams


Do you know how hard it is to write an Ode when you haven't had enough sleep in weeks and weeks?

Last night, Hailey had a bad dream and crawled into our bed. We have a Queen size bed. In theory, the three of us do actually fit into this bed. However, Hailey rarely sleeps like a normal person with her head on the pillow, preferring instead to wiggle until she is perpendicular to me with her feet and knees in my back.

Meanwhile, Nathan has decided 4 am is a great time for Boxersize classes, and is giving it to my guts, ribs and bladder.

It is no wonder I come to work looking like a zombie day after day. And then someone will so nicely tell me that it is nature's way of preparing me for the sleepless nights with a newborn. Lovely.

My memories of being pregnant with Hailey are mostly repressed, as I detested that pregnancy as much as this one, but I do remember sleeping. A lot. We had two cats then, and they loved to sleep as much as I did. It was the life.

So just to get it off my chest and maybe make my peace with it, I am now going to whine about my aches and pains...

Between the back pain, indigestion, fatigue (my iron is low again), nausea (the iron pills BLOW), and issues with the laxatives (to counteract the damn iron pills....) I am miserable. And counting down... 3 weeks and 3 days until work is finished, and 38 days until Nathan comes (5 and a half weeks!).

Ok, need to inject some positives into this post.... Got my haircut last night. I was really torn, because I love having long hair, but I have no time to do anything with it, so I needed to chop it in favor of an easier cut. Melissa did a lovely job and I feel a little weight lifted from my shoulders (literally...she thinned it three times!). So that's one less thing for me to worry about. See - I can be positive!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nathan will be one of the last 2010 babies!

We got our delivery date - December 31.

It's very different knowing the date your baby is coming (assuming he doesn't make an appearance before that!). With Michael's line of work, it is nice knowing that he will have a little over a week with the baby before he goes back to work. And it's nice knowing that as long as Nathan doesn't come early, Michael will be home for the delivery. I can plan childcare for my 4 year old for the day (thanks Mom!) and know that she will be able to come and see us when we are back in our room.

Planning a c-section is very odd. When I was pregnant with Hailey, it never once occurred to me that I would have a section. Sure, I read that chapter in my what to expect book, but I had had zero complications during pregnancy, and no one in my family had had a c-section. But as trouble free as my first pregnancy was, my labour was awful. After 17 hours of back labour and zero progression, Hailey went into distress and I was rushed to an OR.

It wasn't an easy decision to plan for a second section. There are risks due to scar tissue, and let me tell you, recovering from surgery and learning to care for a newborn at the same time - not the easiest or loveliest of tasks. But I've been so hesitant to try again and grow our family after the first experience, for fear of the same trauma. At least this way we know how it will all end up, because we've been through it before. It's rather heart wrenching to try to deliver naturally and not be able to do it. I don't think I could handle hoping for things to go right and ending up back on the table.

So we have a delivery date. December 31. Nathan will be one of the last babies delivered in 2010. Because that date is the cut off for school, we will have more choices of what year he can start. If he's ready for primary at 4.5, we can sign him up. If not, we can wait for the following year. And figuring out his age will always be a piece of cake! Ok, so maybe some of these "positives" are a little silly, but thinking them up has certainly been therapeutic for me, especially when the thoughts of epidurals and surgery become overwhelming. So I finish work in 4 weeks and 2 days, and Nathan comes in 6 weeks, or 44 days.

His room is almost ready. We have his crib together and his clothes in his dresser. I have to get a blind and valence, and put up some pictures, and then it will be ready. I will be sure to post a pic or two when it's done!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Hottest Toys for Christmas 2010

It's on every parents mind this month - what does my kid want for Christmas, and is it going to be the popular toy that is impossible to find?

I'll admit it, I couldn't handle the pressure and the unknown, and I have already purchased Hailey's big Christmas gifts. I couldn't risk not being able to get my hands on it later in the season. It's risky though to buy early. They could change their minds on what they want, the toy could go on sale, and you could end up buying more things if you start too early. It's a hard line to walk.

Sometimes, you get lucky. Hailey wanted the Barbie Camper, and the Barbie Jet. I found the Jet at Costco for $99.99 with three dolls, while everywhere else had it for the same price with no dolls. It has since gone on sale for $79.99 at Toys R Us, but again it has no dolls. I ordered the camper with three dolls from Toys R Us online for $119.99, on a Monday, and on Friday it went on sale for $99.99. But - TRU was really great over the phone and credited the difference back on to my credit card.

Since then, Hailey has mentioned wanting the Toy Story Operation game she saw at Shoppers Drug Mart, and an Easy Bake Oven. We only get her one big gift for Christmas, plus her stocking, so I am planning to drop a couple of hints to family members looking for something to pick up for her.

My friend's daughter wanted the Fur Real Friends Go-go walking dog - and this item is showing up on a lot of hottest toys for 2010 lists. She was able to find one, but it wasn't easy. She had to get another friend pick one up in New Brunswick and bring it home for her.

What other toys do you think will be hot this year? I'd love to do up a list and see if our predictions are correct. What is your kid asking for this year? Did you rush out to pick it up, or are you waiting to get your shopping started? Email me at

Ramona and Beezus

Remember reading Beverly Cleary as a kid, and the adventures of Beatrice and her crazy little sister Ramona? I was so excited to see these books being turned into a movie. However, my mom beat me to the punch and took Hailey to see it a couple of months ago in theatres. The DVD just came out and we all watched it as a family the other night. I loved it. I love Selena Gomez (she plays Beatice). She is my favorite kid actor of the moment. She's adorable and seems to have a great personality. It was the first time I had seen Joey King (Ramona) in action and she was really great. She really seemed to bring the character to life, with all her quirks and fun. My daughter really loved this movie, and I will now be on the lookout for Beverly Cleary books; stocking up for when she can read them, and maybe so we can read them together until then.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby checklist

I made this checklist using a couple of online lists and experience with my first little one so I could keep track of gifts and purchases and be sure I had everything in time for baby Nathan's arrival. I thought maybe it might be useful for other moms, so I am posting it up.
If you want to use it email me for the original file - tried to find a way to link it here... I'll keep working on it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kids and death

My kid has been asking a lot of questions about death lately. Her questions are all over the place. It's so hard to know what to say! On one hand, I am a very spiritual person who believes in God and Heaven, but on the other, I want to make sure she knows that these are my beliefs, and that no one knows for sure.

Lately she's been obsessed with reincarnation. She doesn't know the term of course, but she will ask questions like "after I am in Heaven for a long time, will I come back to earth as someone else?". Her thoughts are so deep and intelligent!

There are other times that she will simply state that she doesn't want me to die and will pout and tear up a little. We've had a couple of deaths in our family in the last couple of years, so we've had the opportunity to talk about Heaven and meeting God. But she wants real answers, like what part of you stays here and what part moves on, and how we get there, and what it's like. I tell her that we don't know but we will find out when we get there, but it seems like such a cop out answer! And then there are the animal questions and whether they get to go to heaven when they die, and is it the same heaven as everyone else.

I guess I knew I'd have to have these conversations with my daughter, but I didn't think she would be asking such things at only 4 years of age! I've been putting off taking her to church because she is so wiggly and has such a short attention span, but maybe she is ready to start learning about her spirituality.

When did your kids start asking about death? What did you tell them? Let me know at :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Out with Halloween, in with Christmas

In the car this morning on the way to school, Hailey started singing Halloween songs. I told her Halloween was over, and right away she jumped into her own version of Jingle Bells.

It seems Hailey and retailers have the same idea - the minute Halloween is over, the Christmas season, or at least the Christmas shopping season begins. And the scramble for the perfect gift! My co-worker and I both were planning to get our daughters the same Barbie accessories this year, and this afternoon she informed me that these particular items were going to be "Hot Christmas gifts" this year - which translates into hard to find. I know two stores that have the items right now, so I am stressing about getting them purchased and put away. Never mind that Christmas is still 54 days away. Actually, I am doing really well so far. I have well over half of my very large list done already, and items picked out for most of the remaining people. My husband and I bought each other an electric fireplace this year, so we aren't exchanging gifts. That certainly takes a whole lot of the pressure off.

The one part I haven't really gotten started on is my stocking stuffers. A couple of years ago my family (my parents, my husband and I, my sister and her fiancee) decided to do Secret Santa stockings. It's been a lot of fun and even though my sister moved away, we are planning to continue the tradition. I have had my pick (and my husbands - I mean really - you know I am doing the shopping for both!) since August, but I have only picked up two items! I can't tell you who we picked, because my family reads my blog, but I can put out a request for different stocking stuffer ideas! Let me know your favorite items to stuff in stockings, or your favorites to receive. I'd also love to hear about your family Christmas traditions. Send them to

Happy Shopping!