Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Four hours to go - oh so impatient

I have an appointment at UC Baby in four hours. At this appointment, I will find out if there is a little girl growing in my belly, or a little boy. I know, this should be inconsequential; I should be happy to have a healthy baby, no matter what gender it is. In real life, I can't control my craving for another little girl. I love little girls. I love their clothes and their toys and their TV shows. Boys, I am not as fond of. I mean, I love all the little boys in my life, but they are rough and tough, busy and daring. All the things my little princess is not!

Let's add to the mix my housing situation. We have a three bedroom home with a finished basement. Two of the upstairs rooms are Hailey's, one is her bedroom done up in a Disney Princess theme, the other is her playroom, with a cushion floor and pink and purple walls. There is every little girl toy you can imagine in there - a barbie house, dolls, ponies and littlest pet shops. My husband wants the kids to have separate rooms no matter what the gender of the baby is, and move the play room downstairs. I would like to keep the playroom where it is and eventually get bunkbeds for the kids.

I took all the boxes of baby things out of our storage room on the weekend, and looked through all the things that I had saved. I took a little walk down memory lane looking through the baby clothes - all the little pink dresses and sleepers. I didn't save much - I had many friends and family with little girls who were gifted the clothes - but I did save the things that were special, that were given by special people, or that just looked adorable on my little girl. If I find out it's a little boy today, I'll likely give most of those things away. This is definitely the last child for us!

I find it humorous when people assume that my husband and I are hoping for a little boy "to make our family complete". Why do we think that every parent wants two kids, one of each gender? I had a friend that was driven nuts by this; she had two little girls and they were pregnant with another child. Every single person was talking about how great it would be if it was a boy. My friend was so exasperated, saying she would be perfectly happy with either gender.

It feels normal to me to have two kids of the same gender. It's always been just my sister and I. My parents never expressed disappointment over not having boys. In fact, my dad's brothers and sisters each had one or the other - two boys or two girls.

At the end of the day, I think you make the most of your life and the blessings that are given to you, no matter what those blessings are. Despite my ranting today (and for the last 20 weeks or so!) I will be excited to get started on planning for my unborn - no matter if I am painting a room blue or picking out bunk beds.

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