Monday, November 1, 2010

Out with Halloween, in with Christmas

In the car this morning on the way to school, Hailey started singing Halloween songs. I told her Halloween was over, and right away she jumped into her own version of Jingle Bells.

It seems Hailey and retailers have the same idea - the minute Halloween is over, the Christmas season, or at least the Christmas shopping season begins. And the scramble for the perfect gift! My co-worker and I both were planning to get our daughters the same Barbie accessories this year, and this afternoon she informed me that these particular items were going to be "Hot Christmas gifts" this year - which translates into hard to find. I know two stores that have the items right now, so I am stressing about getting them purchased and put away. Never mind that Christmas is still 54 days away. Actually, I am doing really well so far. I have well over half of my very large list done already, and items picked out for most of the remaining people. My husband and I bought each other an electric fireplace this year, so we aren't exchanging gifts. That certainly takes a whole lot of the pressure off.

The one part I haven't really gotten started on is my stocking stuffers. A couple of years ago my family (my parents, my husband and I, my sister and her fiancee) decided to do Secret Santa stockings. It's been a lot of fun and even though my sister moved away, we are planning to continue the tradition. I have had my pick (and my husbands - I mean really - you know I am doing the shopping for both!) since August, but I have only picked up two items! I can't tell you who we picked, because my family reads my blog, but I can put out a request for different stocking stuffer ideas! Let me know your favorite items to stuff in stockings, or your favorites to receive. I'd also love to hear about your family Christmas traditions. Send them to

Happy Shopping!

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