Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

I love Halloween. Seeing all the kiddos in the costumes, all revved up on sugar and driving their parents crazy. It's a wonderful sight.

We had our little Halloween party today and I have say, it was pretty successful! Although, if I am being totally honest, it's the last party I will ever plan at 7 months pregnant.

We had a dance party, played pass the pumpkin, went on a witch hunt, played hullabaloo, made some crafts, and made ice cream sundaes. We had rice, veggies and meatballs for supper, and there was cupcakes, cookies and timbits for snacking. We did a lot of snacking. The kids had a lot of fun with the games, and the adults had some adult conversation while they played in the playroom. They were all dressed so cute - Hailey was Cinderella, we had a rainbow witch, the Queen of Hearts, a green fairy, a witch, batman, a dragon, Buzz Lightyear, a vampire, Thomas the Train, and two baby girls - one was a butterfly and the other was a flower. Super cute.

I didn't take many pictures but my friend Lisa did so when she posts hers I will grab some and post them.

Today is Halloween, and we have some more fun planned. We are visiting some relatives and family friends during the afternoon, and then trick or treating in our subdivision tonight. Because Michael is away my neighbor said he would give away our candy, for which I am grateful. I am just going to rope off my front step and put up a sign. I wish I could take the dog trick or treating, but I don't trust him enough not to jump on the kids, and I have nightmares about him hurting one. Hopefully by next year he will be calmed down enough to some with us.

Actually this is the first year that Hailey and I will be trick or treating alone. Usually we are with my sister-in-law and her daughter, but they will be going around in their new subdivision this year. There are a couple of other friends I could convince to come out with us, but I wonder if Hailey and I wont have as much fun on our own. She rarely lasts very long, so our neighborhood is great in that the houses are really close together. We usually go as far as the stop sign and back and then she is kapput. I let her pick out her favorite candies, and then I steal a couple, and the rest goes to the scavengers at work! I mean really, who wants all that candy in their house anyways!

Here are some photos from Halloween:

                                                 This is Hailey getting ready to trick or treat

            Here is all her loot from the day - it would take more than a year for her to eat this much junk food!

Here are some of the party attendees - Hailey is Cinderella, my niece is a rainbow witch, and the little girls from our neighborhood were the Queen of Hearts, a witch and a green fairy.

Still waiting on some photos from friends who were at the party!

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