Tuesday, October 12, 2010

There's no better shower than an after travel shower

*Before you read this entry - you need to know that I stayed in a motor inn. And while it was clean and cheap and fulfilled all the needs and requirements I had for my shopping trip, I could feel my heels clicking and may subconscious calling "there's no place like home.... there's no place like home...". I am sure that if I had stayed somewhere fancy and expensive, this entry would look a little different - and I would not have been able to get as much Christmas shopping done!*

My shower last night was one of the best showers I have ever had. When you shower in your own shower day after day, you don't take as much pleasure in your wonderful shower head that is set to the perfect height and pressure. You don't notice how easy it is to get the perfect blend of hot and cold. You forget how soft and fluffy your towels feel. When you go on a hard core shopping trip for four days, and you finally get home to your own shower, you finally appreciate how wonderful home is.
The same can be said for your bed. I didn't participate very much in the choosing of our mattress. I have to admit that my sister, and my husband, tried out every bed in the store before agreeing on one, and they all seemed the same to me. For a good month after we purchased our bedroom set, I felt like I was in a hotel, because the bed was so high off the ground and the mattress was so firm and soft. Add in new sheets and a duvet and it took months before I felt at home in that bed. But after three nights on the motel bed, my bed felt like paradise last night, and my sleep was one of the best ever.

Now that my complaining is done, there were lot's of great parts to my trip. The motel had a continental breakfast, which is really wonderful when you routinely wake up an hour before your travel partners, and want to get out of the room so as not to wake them up. There was a huge assortment of goodies - bagels and breads and english muffins, waffles and fruit and cereal and pastries. I generally brought the laptop with me and did a little surfing and eating while I waited for the rest of our party to wake up.
The shopping was really good this weekend, and I got 25 of 40 Christmas gifts bought. I like buying for people in the states, because I can get them items that are more unique - and I can make my money go a lot further! I was also able to replace some items my daughter had outgrown - sneakers and snowsuits and outfits. I picked up some prizes and decor for our Halloween party, and a couple of toys. Ooh - I got Nathan his very first pair of Nikes - some blue shocks. They are super cute.

I ate well on our trip as well. We went to the Texas roadhouse for supper, and I had the bbq chicken. The food was delish, except the chicken had three times the amount of bbq sauce that I would have liked. But I cleaned it off and all was well. I am sure I looked like a dork scraping the bbq sauce off my chicken and into a side dish. But they have the most delicious bread - and they serve it with a cinnamon spread. YUM. Hmmm, where else did we eat.... ooh - we had lunch at the Acorn restaurant near Fredericton. It's like a big stop attached to a shell station. The food was really good, and cheap! We all had a turkey dinner, since we wouldn't be getting one on Thanksgiving. Our last night in Bangor we brought a Papa John's pizza back to the motel - it was amazing. The only real downer food wise was our lunch stop on the way home yesterday. We saw an Irving sign at Sussex with a restaurant sign under it and thought - BIG STOP! But, it was this McCready's hotel and restaurant, and I have to say, it is an insult to Irving restaurants everywhere. The place was dirty, the service was terrible, and we couldn't wait to get out of there. We also almost paid too much for our food, since they wanted to charge us for platters when we only had sandwiches. It was an experience, and I don't think any of us will mistakenly stop there again!

All in all though - it was a very successful trip, but I am happy to be back home to my hubby and my girlie.

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