Friday, October 22, 2010

Driving on Auto-Pilot

Ever realize half way during your drive that you are going the wrong way?

The city of Halifax recently opened a new exit off of Highway 102. This exit leads directly to the street that Hailey's school is on, and saves me about ten minutes of driving time. I don't think many people realize that it is open, because it is still a pretty quiet street.

Two days in a row my intentions were to take this new exit, but I found myself going the old way, too late to turn around. It's funny how ingrained my old route is in my brain. I have to continue to remind myself on the drive of the route that I am taking, and this morning I literally had to stay in the left hand lane to prevent myself from taking the wrong exit.

Is this just preggo brain? I don't think. It's not the first time I planned to change my route in the morning and then found myself going the same old way. It's so easy to let your thoughts wander while you are driving, and your subconscious just takes over. I am hoping after a couple of weeks of taking the new exit, I wont have to concentrate so hard!

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