Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to school

It's back to school week across the region, and parents and kids alike are experiencing bouts of excitement, anxiety, dread, and relief.

Yesterday was Hailey's first day of full time preschool. She goes to a french preschool, so there are elements of unease for me because she can't always understand everything that is going on, but it's not a totally new situation for her, because she was there last year for two half days a week. She also already knew her teacher because she had subbed for a week last year, and four kids from her class are with her this year, including a close friend. However, 8-5:30 is a much longer day than before. Yesterday morning was a breeze; she was so excited about her first day that she slipped on her indoor shoes and took off for the toys and friends. This morning her little friend wasn't at school, so she was reluctant for us to leave. When we picked her up yesterday, she came out with her face all painted like a butterfly. Apparently at around 4 when some of the parents started showing up, she got upset that her parents weren't there. One of the teachers had their little facepainting kit with them and made her feel better.

I've been talking to friends who are very anxious for their grade primary kids going to school for the first time. It's hard to leave them when you aren't sure how they will make out. It was nice taking Hailey to a place that she was familiar with, and I think it worked out well introducing her to school gradually. She will go to primary at the same school next year, and it's likely that she will already know most of the kids and her teacher too. It helps to ease some of that when we are asking her to be in an environment where the language is different. Even though we read in french and she knows a lot of french words, she is still far from fluent and struggles throughout the day. The teachers are great though, and they make sure she understands what is going on (the program is designed for kids who do not speak french at home but who are going into an exclusively french environment).

I was very nervous about today because I was worried about the traffic. I have a major commute now in the morning, as I don't live close to my daughter's school, or to my work. I have to pass through very busy sections to get to both places, and the city is still littered with construction. Add to that back to school traffic and I was sure I was going to be late for work this morning. But it was really not too bad. With the current heat wave, I expect many people took this week off. And I know some parents who took the day off to see their children to school. People may be not returning to the city until after the long weekend. So really, the true traffic should show it's face on Tuesday. I'm going to have to get up at 5:30 just to deal with the two dogs, the fish (I am dog and fish sitting for my parents, who are away), and getting myself and my daughter ready and out the door for 7:20. No easy task! And it should get more and more interesting the bigger my belly grows. But, look on the bright side - there is less than 4 months until December 24 - my official last day of work.

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  1. You make me tired just reading about your day! You make it seem easy... a definite Supermom!