Monday, September 27, 2010

6am - I hate you

Every morning I open my eyes and the clock reads 5:55. I glare at said clock, and roll over. However, my full bladder is urging me to empty it, and by the time I get back to my room, the damn thing says 6:00. It's 6 am and I long to crawl back under my warm duvet, back to my warm spot in my warm sheets on my warm pillow. Instead, the dog starts whining to relieve himself and I get to start another day.
The worst part, is that my body, and my dog, doesn't care when it's the weekend. Both still decide to wake up at 6 am. Oh I can try to get the washroom visit and canine feedings done quickly, and snuggle back under the covers, but it is always futile, as my mind is now awake and is ready to start the day.
To be truthful, I get the most done in the mornings. It's the best time for housework, and most Saturday mornings see me vacuuming the entire house, cleaning two bathrooms and a kitchen, and having the laundry done and folder by 8:30. But ask me to do those things after lunch, and it wont happen!
The downfall of an internal clock that rings "wake-up" at 6 am is vacations and group functions. Camping, for instance. It's 5:55, and I have to sneak out of my tent without waking the whole campground, and shuffle down the path to the washroom. I get back to my tent, starving, but afraid to start making breakfast for fear that I will wake my neighbors, who surely don't want to be up so early on their camping trip. So I crawl back into my sleeping bag and let my mind wander for two hours, until I absolutely can't stand it any longer and have to get up. And still, there are no sounds coming from any of the other tents, despite many of them containing young children. You can see how this can be an issue for me.
I wonder what will happen to my internal alarm clock when Nathan is born. I struggle to remember what my sleep was like when Hailey was a newborn, but I don't remember much, even though it was only four years ago. I remember sleeping at a lot of random times. I remember the first time she slept all night was the time we came home and didn't take her out of her car seat. Unfortunately, we didn't get the memo that she was going to sleep through so we kept waking up, expecting her to wake up. I remember snuggling with her on the couch a lot, letting her sleep in my arms. Really, I am not sure how prepared I am for a newborn and a four year old; for being up all night with one and all day with the other. I can't imagine how people do it with a toddler and an infant - or two infants! At least Hailey can feed and dress herself, take herself to the washroom and entertain herself, somewhat.
I'd better stop talking about sleep, and sleep deprivation. I am having a hard enough time keeping myself alert at my desk.

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