Friday, September 24, 2010

Old friends and Ice Cream - two of my favorite things.

Got to sort of hang out with a friend at lunch today. I say sort of because it was a group lunch, and at these functions, you can really only converse with the person you are sitting next to, and the one you are sitting across from. So, since I wasn't sitting with her, I didn't really get a chance to chat with her. But it was a nice lunch all the same, and hopefully we will make another date to catch up.
I like lunch dates. Gives me a chance to sit and chat for an hour and breaks up my day nicely. Don't get me wrong, I like my lunchroom breaks, but lunch dates have a little something special and exciting about them. Especially when it is a time you can get updated on an old friend's life.

Ok, I need to talk about Ice Cream. So, I'm pregnant. Before I get started, I need you to know right away that I eat like crap. I know it's bad for me, bad for the baby, that it'll take me another four years to lose the weight, and on and on. However, no matter what my logical mind tells me I should be doing, I still eat my crap. On with the story.
Some people find they have cravings of strange things when they are pregnant, things they normally wouldn't eat. This is true as well for me, because for some reason I am craving salt. I am a not normally a big chip person, but lately, I am eating a lot of plain lays.
The craving that is not strange, is ice cream. I adore ice cream. When I was a kid, my aunt worked at Farmers and would bring home the monster buckets of cotton candy ice cream for me. You know - the giant ones that they scoop from at the ice cream parlor. She once even brought be the blue goo that they lace cotton candy ice cream with, to use as a topping on all my other lovely flavors of ice cream. So it should come as no surprise to you that I am thinking of ice cream all day long. My current favorite thing is an Oreo Mcflurry. Convenient too, as McDonald's is a hop skip and jump away. I try not to keep ice cream in my freezer at home, as I've been known to skip meals in favor of my favorite desert, but I caved during my last grocery session and bought a tub of vanilla bean. I also have to admit to being a very bad parent. On Monday night, my daughter and I planned an ice cream treat in the evening. Everything was going fine - we each had our dish and our spoon and we were headed to the living room for some Hannah Montana, when I looked into my dish and found it to be rather plain looking. An odd thought for me, as I generally like my food on the plainer side, and I love vanilla ice cream of all types - french vanilla, vanilla bean, cherry vanilla... you name it. So I made a colossal mistake and with a gleam in my eye, asked my daughter if she wanted to try something really cool. Well, when you put it like that, what four year old wouldn't? I reached into the cupboard for the maple syrup, and slathered our ice cream with sugary goodness. I had left the cupboard door open, and she spotted the sprinkles. Well, we already had a delicious, gooey, unhealthy mess going, so why not.
I've learned that this was a door that should not have been opened. Every night after supper, or sometimes even during, Hailey asks for our ice cream-maple syrup-and-sprinkles treat. Craving it myself, it is hard to be the good parent and suggest a healthier snack, but so far this week, I've been able to steer her away from tooth decaying goodness. My husband has way more self control, so I only have to make it until he comes home Monday night, and then he can take over. It's gonna be a long weekend!!

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