Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The guilt of a working parent

I'm not in the greatest of moods after dropping my daughter at preschool this morning. She was clingy and sad this morning. I wasn't surprised; my husband left to return to work Sunday night, and she was pretty shaken by his leaving. It seems to get worse each time. But it was terrible to leave her there with that look on her face.

I imagine myself sometimes with the Little House on the Prairie background. I am living in a big old farmhouse with all my family. The men leave to work and the women stay home and teach the kiddos and care for the home. Don't get me wrong, I don't really want that life. But I can feel the need to raise my daughter myself, to be the constant in her life. The feeling that I am abandoning her wars with the need to have a career and support my family.

I was on the website for Hailey's preschool the other day looking at the cost for daycare for babies and toddlers. People pay $35 a day! That's $700 a month! If you had more than one child in daycare - you'd be spending most of your paycheck on their care, and the rest on gas to get them back and forth! There is zero incentive to work if you have two or more young children. We were lucky with Hailey, I was off alot while she was young, and we had the support of family when I did work. This year her preschool program is subsidized by the CSAP (french provincial school board) so we pay about $21 a day and it sets her up for grade primary. I guess I'm pretty lucky that my kids will not be both in daycare at the same time, as Hailey starts school next September.

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