Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to the best Mother on the planet

It is a very special day. A few dozen years ago, a wonderful lady was born. My mom.
My mom is the best. She is kind, loving, forgiving, helpful, intelligent and beautiful. There is nothing she wouldn't do for me, my dad, my sister or my kids. Really, she would help anyone in need. She is a definite role model (esp at being a Mom, I mean look at the awesome job she did with me!) and I strive to be as great a mom as she is (but I'll never be able to sew or iron as good as she can!!). Happy Birthday Mom. Thanks for spending the day with me and my brood.

It was a great day for a birthday. So hot today! We went to the public gardens, and it was beautiful. The kids were funny; they asked as we were walking through if I remembered to bring food for the ducks, and I reminded them that we cannot feed the ducks (there is a great book about Gracie the Public Garden duck - it explains the dangers of feeding them in a nice little story), Unfortunately not everyone has read (or heeds) the signs at each entrance to the park, as there were people there feeding the ducks with their kids. I quietly giggled with the girls that those people must not have gotten the memo, and tried to make them feel good about doing the right thing. Not an easy thing when they are watching other kids feed the ducks loaves of bread. (click here to read about Gracie's book) Nonetheless, it was a lovely morning at the garden's followed by lunch at Park Lane, where the girls tossed their pennies in exchange for whispered wishes, and then an ice cream at DQ to cool off. Nathan was really warm, so he cooled off when we got home in a nice bath, and spent the rest of the day in only his diaper. We finished with a BBQ and some trifle - delish. A nice change from regular cake, without losing out on the cake altogether!

I should give a little "shout out" to my new class at the Mount (English 1171) since I mentioned my blog during class today and may have some new visitors (I am a shameless self-promoter!). Going to "class" in your jammies while laying on your bed is another experience altogether!

HOW TO: Make mom's "famous" trifle.
It's all in the layers.
The bottom layer is pound cake. You can make your own, make a box, or buy a pound cake. Easy-peasy!
Next comes the lemon pudding.
On top of that is a layer of fruit - I like to use the very cherry canned fruit, but really you could use whatever you wanted.
Top it with a layer of whipped cream and BAM! you've got yourself a trifle. Mom puts pieces of mandarin oranges on top in a little pattern to dress it up. Easy to make and super delicious. Cheers!

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