Saturday, July 16, 2011

GAIA baby products

Nathan is still having trouble with cradle cap, and I am wondering if it is tied in with the acid reflux. He is very sensitive to soaps and detergents, and even baby oil, which I used on his head on the doctor's advice and his head was red for two days afterwards. So yesterday I made a trip to Planet Organic on Quimpool road and picked up some all natural shampoo and body wash. Used both this morning on Hailey and Nathan, and I used the body wash myself, and it was awesome. Nathan's head looks a little better already.
The products I bought were GAIA baby products. You can find the company website here.

I'll update on these products as we use them. So far, so good! Meanwhile, I am putting feelers out for a Naturopath experienced in dealing with children and/or acid reflux (or GERD). If you know anyone in the Halifax area, or better yet, have dealt personally with someone and you can share your experience, I would be very appreciative. It is not easy to look through the phone book and trust a stranger with the health of your child. But I'm afraid I just don't know enough about foods and products to figure out if Nathan has an allergy or sensitivity to something that is causing his issues.

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  1. An update to this blog... This product is wonderful for children. Nathan's cradle cap cleared up as soon as I started using this on him, and both kids have way fewer rashes. I use the body wash as well for myself and I get fewer rashes. I tried to use the shampoo, but my hair looks too oily when I use it, although my scalp feels wonderful! Highly recommend!!