Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A week off and nothing to do

I've been waiting for this week of freedom for a month - no school and no upcoming events to get ready for, no renovations, just sun shine and rest. But I am finding myself slightly bored and wishing for a lecture to watch. Am I nuts? I think I am.
This morning we did have a lot of fun hanging out with a school friend. She has a pool in her yard and the kids had a great time swimming - Nathan was in a pool for the first time! He loved it. So now I am in "convince hubby" mode - we need a pool. He is all about nice grass and trees and plants in the yard, while I say PAVE IT and get a pool! Just think - no need to mow! And no need to drive anywhere - the fun would be a hop skip and jump away, right in our own backyard oasis. Who's with me!!??!! I always wanted a pool when I was a kid, but my dad wanted nice grass and said a pool would ruin it. He is right of course, but boo hoo to nice grass and yay for a fun summer in a backyard pool! I sound like a radio commercial. But how to get the hubby on board? Any ideas are welcome!
On a side note, I wrote all my finals last week and it was intense but I think I did ok. I know I got a B+ in Psych, which is especially nice considering I wasn't sure I would even pass it. I had a little trouble with the assignments but I did well on the exams. Not sure about History and English. This term it is only two classes instead of three so I should be able to devote more time to two and maybe do a little better.
The kids are doing awesome. Hailey had her preschool graduation on the weekend, and she did awesome. She was a little over-animated, of course, but she had a great time and she was adorable. Nathan had a special day this weekend as well as he was Baptized, and he had water and oil poured all over him and he didn't say a peep. He's such a sweet little guy. He was all dressed up in a little linen short suit with a sweater vest - so cute.
My mother in law sent home a cute little book for the kids the other day. It's called "Silly Snacks, cooking with kids" and features the Sesame Street gang. My little girl loves it. We are picking up the stuff today to make some Popsicles.
I'll update with a review on the recipes as we go - she made some little jelly sandwiches yesterday by cutting out the bread with cookie cutters.

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