Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do not disturb

Here's the scenario: you are at home, the baby is in bed, and you are reading your daughter a bedtime story. The door bell rings. The dog goes nuts. The baby wakes up. You go to the door. It's someone looking for money.
This happened last night at 8:30. Now I live in a busy residential neighborhood filled with young families. I'm sure I am not alone in thinking that anything after 7 pm is too late for soliciting of any kind. Now in this case it was a charity organization. It seems to happen a lot lately, people soliciting, to the point that I am considering a sign. I
Is that a deterrence still? Maybe I'll put a sign out saying I am broke, or I don't carry cash. I never give at the door anyways, unless it is Girl Guide cookies (especially the chocolate covered mint ones - yum!). And I really don't carry cash so it really is a waste of their time to ring my doorbell. Maybe a sign is in my future. "Don't bother, this old hag won't give you a cent."

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