Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hippity hopity Happy Easter!

It's almost time for E. Bunny to arrive, and my girlie is very excited. A couple of weekends ago we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at my sister-in-laws - it was so fun! She did an amazing job organizing it. The kids decorated cup cakes and eggs, and then found the one thousand eggs scattered over her front lawn! Even the bunny made an appearance. A great day filled with great friends and great memories.

This year Hailey has started going to church and gave up candy for lent. I wasn't sure how she would make out, but we are almost finished the 40 days and she hasn't even asked for candy! Sometimes she will ask if an item qualifies as candy, but if I say that it does she just forgets about the item and finds something else to snack on. I was very impressed when she stuck to fruit at the egg hunt party when there was candy right in front of her, and kids all around her eating it. I am pretty proud of my little sweetie, and I think she learned a huge lesson about sacrifice. I also think that the two of us will be in a sugar coma Easter morning! (I gave it up as well).

I have the Easter stuff all ready in the basement, and I'm super excited to put it out. I always fill the small plastic eggs with toys and hide about 25 of them around the house. I had to get a couple of things for Nathan so Hailey didn't think the bunny forgot him, so I picked up some teethers and a couple of boxes of baby mum cookies!

My husband will not be home for Easter this year. Actually, he hasn't been home the past couple of years, but we always tricked Hailey and had the "bunny" come when he was home, and not on Easter morning. But she is too old to pull that prank on, so he will miss out on the hunt this year, which is kind of sucky.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter filled with family and fun and relaxation. :) Cheers!

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