Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh 2 am, I thought I was done with you

The middle of the night and I have not spent so much time together over the last month since Nathan has started sleeping through the night, but here I am at two am with a fussy baby. And it's all my fault. You see, he normally has a bottle at some point between 7 and 9, and then goes to sleep for the night. But last night (or tonight, depending at how you look at it!) he fell asleep before this bottle and didn't wake up for it - until now. A smart, thinking ahead mommy would have woken him up and reminded him that it was time to eat. This mommy was so happy to see him sleeping, and wouldn't dream of ever waking him on purpose. So here I sit, waiting for him to digest before I try to get him back to sleep.

My poor little duck is still having quite the time with his acid reflux. It is so hard to see him in pain and not be able to do much about it, but the Ranitidine is currently working well, until the next growth spurt. He has a hard time in the late afternoon and evening, when I guess he is digesting from the day and a lot of acid is forming in his belly. Mornings he does ok, and so we usually spend them shopping. He loves the stroller and I love my VISA!

So I have this not so secret obsession with all things Twilight. I don't talk about it often, except with a select group of like minded individuals, because I truly have become the dreaded Twi-Mom, and it seems so typical. But I have to express my excitement at the release of the guide to the saga. I have barely made it through the opening interview, as what infants mother has any kind of reading time?!? But I am loving every word and every opportunity to escape to this fun little fantasy world.

In the opening interview Stephenie Myer talks about finishing that first book before realizing that you have become a writer. A close friend reminded me of the story I have been writing for about 15 years, one that I fleshed out quite a bit last spring, but that got pushed to the side to make room in my brain for the fact that I was growing my family again. The characters in the story are so real to me, as they have been living in my head for so long. It feels wrong to not finish the story, but it seems like I have made a real writing-faux pas. I mapped out the ending. Since I did that I have had a really hard time getting the words onto the page, as it doesn't feel as natural anymore. It's like I've decided where I am going to take it and now it's no longer the characters determining the story. I think I was too worried about the wrapping up the story in a tidy fashion. If I ever get the chance to get back into the story, I think I will toss that outline in the trash and open up the possibilities.

I feel like I can't end this blog without a picture, so here is my little girl at Sugar Moon Farms sampling a maple syrup sucker (it was really neat - they poured the hot syrup onto the snow and the kids twirled it around their popsicle sticks) while she was there on a class trip.

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