Monday, May 16, 2011

Wake a sleeping baby?!? Are you crazy?

The insanity that is my life just got crazier - I started school! What was I thinking??? To be honest, I wasn't. I'll blame it on mommy brain and leave it at that. I'm three weeks into the semester and I am overwhelmed! I'm taking history, English and psych, and because they are summer classes they are condensed, which equals major work loads. The upside is at the end of the summer I will have 2.5 units under my belt! And, the July/August semester I am down to two classes, so I'll get some relief there. It's not going badly or anything, although I am a little behind on my lectures, I am keeping up on the material, tests and assignments. Luckily all my friends are done university and can edit my papers! It's not that easy to juggle a 4 year old, infant, and dog with school work, but I imagine it will be even harder when Nathan is crawling!! He slept a lot today so I was able to get quite a bit of work done.

He's actually been doing quite a bit better with his acid reflux over the last week. The doctor switched his medication to Prevacid, and my husband discovered that he would benefit from taking it later in the day, because his episodes happen more often in the late afternoon and early evening. Today he only had one twenty minute episode and barely any spit up. I consider that a great day!

We have a nice little sign of "summer" in our yard - the trampoline is up! I heard through the grape-vine that there may be some sun in our future, and I'm looking forward to spending some time with the kids and the dog in the yard. My favorite parts of summer happen in the yard - children playing, BBQ, tropical drinks and chimenea fires - and don't forget the marshmallows!

Summer is also birthday season, and Hailey is already planning her fifth birthday. FIFTH BIRTHDAY?!? Yup, my little angel isn't quite as little anymore. And of course my vow last summer to ease up on the crazy birthday parties is meaningless... it's her FIFTH birthday! Such an important birthday simply NEEDS to be celebrated to the max. (see postings from last August for insight into why we vowed to end the crazy birthday parties...) She asked for another carnival party, but that took at least 6 months to plan, so we will see.

And, I've taken enough personal writing time for one day - time to hit the books!


  1. Trampoline you say? I'll be right over! :)

    Hope the schooling doesn't bog you down! Your sweet wee ones will hopefully be good motivation! You can DO this!

  2. Hey Beth - thanks for the vote of confidence! Hailey loves bouncing buddies so come jump on the trampoline anytime!

    I am just realizing that my title has nothing at all to do with the content of the post - oops! I had just done that crazy thing - waking Nathan - to feed him.

  3. And since auntie is making a special trip home for her favorite little person's birthday it had better be a good one!!