Friday, June 10, 2011

baby teeth, good grades and preschool graduations

What a month!
Let's start with the baby. Growing like a weed! (I always wanted to use that old saying) He's finally putting on some weight. Plus, he's got a big ol head now to hold that big beautiful brain of his. He's doing quite well lately, even tempered and in good spirits. He has the most beautiful smile with two little dimples, and his face just lights up when someone talks to him. He is rolling over and trying to crawl, loving his jolly jumper and exersaucer, and trying his darndest to get himself some teeth.

My sweet little angel is about the graduate...from preschool. I know, it seems a little wonky, but moving up into big school is a pretty big deal with you are 4-going-on-5. They have been rehearsing for this cute little ceremony where they will do some dance numbers and get a certificate. I'm planning to take the little pumpkin out for lunch afterwards to celebrate. And in September - grade primary, or "maternelle". *sniff sniff* My little ducky is growing up.

School is crazy. CRAZY. But for the most part I am keeping my cool and doing well. All assignments are done except one (due in 2 days - argh!) and I am up to date on all my studying. But finals are fast approaching and I am getting a little scared! Mostly scared for history, because I have only done two assignments for that class - no tests - so I have no idea what to expect. Only 2 weeks left really and then BAM! I'm done... well... for a week and then on to two more classes! I know, it's craziness, but it's fun and interesting and challenging, and what more can you ask for really? And since there are no daytime classes, I can study at the beach!

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