Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thirteen weeks and counting

I finally have a minute to sit and type. My sweet little guy has been having a hard time over the past two and a half months. Turns out he has acid reflux, which I'd barely heard of in babies before but now I am finding more and more parents whose children suffer from this. He is on Ranitidine, which helps until he gains a little weight and then it's off to the doctor to get the medicine increased, and at least 4 or 5 days until the increase takes effect in his system. Poor little guy. I had acid reflux when I was pregnant with him, and it was terrible, especially at night when I was laying down.

So right now he's doing pretty good, his belly is full and his bum is clean, and he is laying on the floor under his little arch talking to some butterflies. His big sister is keeping him entertained. He just loves that girl. When she is around, he watches everything she is doing with a huge smile on his face, laughing and squealing when she pays attention to him. It gives me goose bumps to watch them. I try to memorize the moments so I can recall them in a couple of years when they are fighting and slamming doors!

My other sweet little monkey had another female right-of-passage on the weekend. She found some makeup scissors on the bathroom counter and decided she'd like to have some bangs. She now has very very short boy bangs. The only grace is that there is 6 months or so before she is a flower girl in my sister's wedding, so there is time for them to grow. Each person, well, each female that sees her little hair-art has an anecdote of their own about cutting their hair as a child. In fact - I did this myself, although I was older than Hailey and definitely should have known better - I had was upset with some hair falling out of my french braid, so I cut them off, giving myself some serious side burns as they grew back in. Now that I'm not so angry over the incident, I'll have to take some photos. They will be great wedding material in 20-ish years!

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